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I have taught herbal medicine for many years and at many different levels. I am passionate about helping  people develop the knowledge and confidence to use plants as foods and medicines. 

I often teach at Dilston Physic Garden which is a beautiful and unique herb garden near Hexham. I run a 10 day in depth herbal medicine course in association with this garden and two other herbalists, called the  foundation in plant medicine.

For many years I have been interested in a more intuitive and spirtiual approach to plant medicine and teach a workshop entitiled Plant Spirit Medicine with my wife. 

Details of courses for the coming year are given below.


Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st May

10am – 4pm, Dilston Physic Garden

Over the weekend we will learn to access sacred experience in our lives more easily and to open to it at times of our choosing. We will discover how we can use our innate ability to communicate and work with plants in an intuitive and open-hearted way, accessing their medicine for mind, body and spirit.

Working with plants as living, evolved and complex beings and coming to them from a place of deep respect and reverence, allows access to a deeper medicine. In this way plants can act as our allies and be profoundly helpful, not only for physical ailments, but also on our personal spiritual journey.

During the weekend we will develop our intuitive ability and more subtle senses. You will find your own plant ally to work with at this unique stage of your life’s journey and will prepare an essence from your plant to take home and use.

We will use a range of techniques during the weekend, including dowsing and shamanic journeying, working with a number of our wonderful native medicinal plants and trees.
The weekend course costs £110, with a deposit of £50 being paid at the time of booking.

Wild Medicine, Wild Food

Friday 15th May 10am - 4pm

A walk in the countryside will never be the same again!! Discover how to identify, harvest and use many wild plants for medicine and food.

Recognising plants when out in nature, and working with them to make medicines and foods can be a wonderful journey of deepening your connection to the natural world.

Becoming more aware of the meaning of symptoms and understanding which herbs can be used to help restore balance is a life affirming adventure.

This day will provide the skills, knowledge and confidence to start treating many minor ailments with plants and to begin using them to help stay healthy and vital.

We will learn how to identify medicinal plants, which time of year to harvest them, which parts of each plant to use and and how to process them in order to make a range of medicines.

You will make an ointment and a tincture to take home as well as several other preparations and we will also explore some of the delicious and nutritious foods to be found in the wild.

Ross has been a practicing herbalist for 20 years, he currently has a clinic in Hexham and at his home in Hexhamshire. He is an experienced teacher and is passionate about sharing his enthusiasm and experience with others.

Booking – The course costs £55 - and a  £25  deposit is required to secure a place, the full balance being paid on the day.