Herbal Medicine and Nutrition


Herbal Medicine

Humans have always used plants for medicine and over time have discovered just how supportive and effective plant medicines can be.  In recent times, however, we have become less connected to the natural world and have begun relying on manufactured medicines produced by the pharmaceutical industry. Although these medicines have been clinically tested, they have not had the many millions of years of use that herbs have had and it seems that we are now realising that many of the chemical medicines being used are actually creating all sorts of side effects and imbalances. That is not to say we should abandon pharmaceuticals all together, simply that there is often a more gentle and effective alternative. For this reason many people are rediscovering the many wonderful medicines to be found in nature.

Herbs contain a whole array of chemicals that have a direct effect upon the body. They can be relaxants, tonics, stimulants, diuretics, anti depressants and much more. As well as containing chemicals, plants also have specific energetic qualities, gently affecting our own state of energetic balance. 

I prepare many of my own tinctures, creams and ointments from organically grown herbs or herbs gathered sustainably in the wild. Those I do purchase come from an organic/biodynamic supplier




Food is central to our well-being, providing all the nutrients our bodies need to feel vital, to heal and to function properly. The food choices we make can also make us feel unwell. We may be intolerant to certain foods resulting in digestive issues, skin problems, inflammation, or low energy. 

Assessing how well our diet meets our needs can be a central part of healing and moving towards well-being. I am trained in offering nutritional support and guidance,  identifying intolerances and helping my patients find a diet that suits them. There are no general rules as the media would have us believe. We need to choose the foods that our particular body needs and eliminate those that our body struggles to deal with. 

I am here to help you develop a personalised dietary  plan that is achievable and enjoyable, as well as being supportive on your journey towards better health and an improved sense of  well-being.