A Consultation

An initial consultation will last for one hour. This allows time for us to come to a good understanding of  the causes of the symptoms you are experiencing.  I will ask you in detail about  your symptoms and their onset, any medication / supplements being taken, diet, fluid intake, medical history from birth and also current general health. I always test blood pressure and make any other tests that feel appropriate.

The consultation also offers a safe and confidential space to discuss any personal or emotional issues and to find constructive ways to move forwards. I may use breathing techniques, meditation and visualisation where appropriate. All herbal medication is individually prepared in my dispensary. I blend a medicine to meet each patient's particular needs and this is often altered as treatment progresses to reflect changing needs. I will offer specific suggestions (nutritional and lifestyle ) to help you take an active part in your healing process.

A follow up appointment is usually arranged 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation to assess progress.

Treatment continues for as long as is needed. For minor ailments this might be a matter of days, for chronic ailments that have been present for many years, treatment may last for several months. I would give a clear indication of the expected timescale at your initial consultation.

If people come from further away I am happy to arrange occasional phone consultations to reduce the need to travel, however where possible I prefer the intial consultation to be in person.


Initial Consultation (1 hour) £45

Follow up consultation 1/2 hour £25, 1 hour £45

Herbal tincture £8 per week (less for children / infants)

Ointments / creams £10 per jar

Other specially prepared medicines are priced individually.